Story of making the EasyDesk For Everyone

ReDesign. It’s a noise filled with potentials. It means inventing a new way of doing something new.
It means discovering a pure standpoint on a standard concept. It means opening an innovative access to blessing.

A dreamy idea for workspace redesign gave life to EasyDesk.

EasyDesk growing out of a intention to solve our own health problems and lower back pain related to sitting in front of a computer for most of our working hours.
Many renditions of standing desks were designed before the current EasyDesk was flourished. Little design variation were also developed in reaction to client
feedback and improved durability judgment. It has been optimized to be adjustable, Simple, Strong, Healthy, Smart and Affordable – a best solution for every user.

EasyDesk is owned by Interior Sketch in Dhaka, Bangladesh which is a business interior design based company. They have used standing desks for years and are committed
to helping others experience the benefits of standing for work. Our desks are manufactured in a city-of-the-art, in Dhaka.
We are proud to be owned, operated and made in Bangladesh.

ReDesign your workspace. ReDesign yourself.