Do you deliver local areas?

We offer free Delivery only Dhaka City & 500 taka delivery fee for outside dhaka. We don’t have any stores or wearhouse in local. Thank you for supporting a local business.

When will I get my order?

Orders for Dhaka city take up to one week to receive. Local orders take up to two weeks to receive.

Do you offer Bulk discounts?

Of course, We inspire your whole office the choice to stand up more & Boost up productivity.

  • Save 5% on 5-9 desks: at checkout use code BULK5
  • Save 10% on 10-19 desks: at checkout use code BULK10
  • Save 15% on 20-49 desks: at checkout use code BULK15
  • Save 20% on 50+ desks: contact us directly

What is your return policy?

If you have faced some issues like broken or scratched please return the product to our delivery guy. We will Exchange the product for you ASAP.

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